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Fifty Shades of Grey

Anonymous asked:

how is that homophobic? i have gay friends and support them all the way, but i don't believe in gay marriage.

lesbianvenom answered:

your gay friends are all talking shit behind your back 100%



Yeah, you support them all the way.. Well most of the way.. We’ll some of the way.. Clearly not as far as marriage.. Cause marriage ain’t for gays.. Or something

You hear so many of these people say, “I have a lot of gay friends but don’t believe in same sex marriage”, but you never hear gay people say “I’ve lots of friends who think it should be illegal for me to marry the person I love”.

So, here’s a PSA for everyone who is against marriage equality, but thinks they have gay friends. You probably don’t. What you have are gay acquaintances who have learned to quietly put up with your bullshit because it’s the path of least resistance and they just don’t have the energy to “My Fair Lady” your ass into being a decent human being.